AKX Group, Import-Export trade company, Quimper - France

AKX Group is a consistently growing family company!
It gathers three activities: Atlantic Avitaillement, Kanata and Xbee.

About us / History

AKX Group is an Import-Export company owned at 100% by the same family. It has been established in 1995 in the fishing harbor of Concarneau, France. The company has built new facilities (offices and warehouse) in Quimper, France, and moved in in December 2011 in order to grow and plan new developments.

Since 1995, when the company was still named ATLANTIC AVITAILLEMENT, AKX GROUP has become a larger structure with different activities:

► 2011: New facilities built on a 5,000 m²-piece of land in Quimper. Relocation in December 2011.
► 2008: Creation of a new name AKX GROUP in order to gather three marks and three different activities.
► 2007: Presence of the company on the internet is boosted: 1 website in 1998, 14 websites in several different languages in 2012 _ including 4 online stores.
► 2007: Creation and development of a third activity: KANATA.
► 2002: Creation and development of a second activity: XBEE.
► 1995: Establishmentof the company ATLANTIC AVITAILLEMENT.

Our activities:


Atlantic Avitaillement was originally a shipchandling company. It then started to develop its international trade activities to offer nowadays a wide range of Services _ including but not limited to equipment supplies and dry- & frozen food supplies _ to many different types of customers (maritime, offshore, industrial fishing fleets, food processing factories, site facilities, etc.).


Kanata is the first online store offering fine food products exclusively coming from Canada, most of them actually imported from Quebec.

Several hundreds of products are offered to everyone: maple syrup, cranberries, blueberries, pancakes, beers, poutine, ice wines and ice ciders, etc.


Xbee is a natural additive compatible with all kinds of fuels and engines.

It cleanses up the fuel and consequently reduces the maintenance costs and the fuel consumption. It also reduces quite remarkably the greenhouse gas emissions. Xbee is a trademark registered by the company AKX Group.


Marinebinos.com is an online shop designed in collaboration with our Partner Fujifilm. It offers the complete range of Fujinon binoculars dedicated to both professional and casual users. These binoculars are well known in the professional industry (sea rescue, semaphores, industrial fishing fleets, etc.) and always appreciated by the most demanding end users (boating, astronomy, etc.).


Kanata Entreprises is the B2B branch of Kanata, dedicated to give the best service to: fine food stores, wine shops, restaurants and hotels, embassies, food processing factories, delegations and associations, etc. Kanata Entreprises offers the complete catalog of fine food products to professional end users and distributors, but also larger packaging to better answer their demands.


Additif Carburant is an online retail store designed to offer the Xbee Natural Fuel Additive to private and professional customers. The benefits? Reduced costs to maintain tanks and engines, elimination of the fuel over-consumption. Finally, Xbee Enzyme Fuel Treatment reduces the environmental footprint… one more step towards the preservation of our planet!

Some facts and numbers!


Websites, including 4 online stores


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